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SupaLite Tiled Roofing Systems
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The SupaLite tiled roof system has been specifically tailored to meet building control standards.
Insist on the best, insist on a SupaLite tiled roof, a tried and tested replacement roof which carries full JHAI type approval.

Fall in love with your conservatory again.

Every SupaLite roof is tailor made for each individual conservatory.

They are precision surveyed and factory made ensuring a perfect fit to every size and configuration of roof.

A variety of shapes, sizes and styles to suit your home, designed to look like it’s always been part of your existing home, offering a feeling of permanence.

There is also an extensive range including the look of traditional slate or more modern and lightweight tiles to choose from to ensure as exact match to the original building as possible.

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10 Reasons to Choose a new
SupaLite replacement roof.

  • Retains warmth in winter months
  • Keeps your conservatory incredibly cool on sunny days
  • Virtually burglar proof. Tiles can’t be easily removed
  • Eliminate any leaks previously experienced
  • No Rain, Wind or Wildlife Noises
  • Eliminates almost all glare
  • No more cleaning dirty roofs
  • Provides a safe & cosy space 365 days a year
  • Designed & tested to standards set by the JHAI
  • 25 Year guarantee on tiles with a life expectancy of 50 years

Before Fitting SupaLite Roof

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After Fitting SupaLite Roof

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A & G Home Improvements and A & G Windows are your local approved suppliers and fitters of SuperLite Roof Systems

A & G are SupaLite Approved Installers with a wealth of experience, your trusted local installer
The benefits of a SupaLite tiled replacement roof are many

• JHAI Approved
• Insurance Approved
• Meets all building regulations

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